And Now For Something Completely Different…

Yesterday marked the end of Up on Strawberry Hill, closing out with a darker ending than I had intended, but as a writer you tend to listen to what the muses tell you to do. You’d be surprised how often the muses like to argue with me. It usually looks a little something like:

“Hmmm I want them to do this.”

“Yeah, about that…no you don’t. Do this instead.”

The muses are fickle creatures.

On another note, I’m sure you have come across an error at some point while reading and you are probably thinking:

“Does M.A. know this is here? Should I tell them it’s there? What a doofus.”

Let me answer that for you. It’s very likely, if it’s been published in there, I overlooked it. With that said I actually would greatly appreciate it, if you do come across these in your visits (present and/or future), if you could kindly point them out to me. I know I’m a doofus, but I am only human.

Moving on.

With the closing of the last piece the blog will be plugging along in a different direction. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be immortal? To have superpowers? Or perhaps what it might be like just to be a God (dream big or go home right)?  Well you are in luck, that is what the next segment will be focusing on.

Don’t Feed the Gods, (a working title I’m not sure will be staying permanently) focuses on four of the earliest Gods: Gods of the elements. The story will follow a little bit of their timeline. Currently, I’m planning on pinpointing a moment in the past, a moment in the present and a final moment in their future, though as I said before the muses can be fickle and there may be more, but that isn’t anything I have planned right now. Anyway, you can expect to see that started as per usual this weekend.

As always, I hope you’ve enjoyed what I have so far and hope you enjoy the rest as well.

-M.A. Connell


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