Gazing into the Darkness

“Obsidian glass is a rare find around these parts.” The clerk stated in regards to the ornate black mirror that lay on the counter. The intricately carved ebony frame curling around the surface polished to the point of it almost matching the mirror. “Are you sure you can afford a price tag like that?”

The clerk raised an eyebrow holding the tag in one hand. He looked her up and down making her feel uncomfortable with the way he scrutinized her. She crossed her arms over her chest confidently and he backed down slightly. 

“What does a pretty girl like you want with something like this anyway?” His smile was snakelike as he leaned over the counter. She glared at him bristling. 

“It’s very clear your animus is a snake.” She replied flatly. His eyes glistened proudly as his smile grew. “Unfortunately for you, mine is a fox which means, I could eat you alive. Now will you ring up the damn glass and slither back to wherever you came from?”

The clerk reeled back, a quiet hiss passing his lips. He tore the tag off the frame and snatched the coins she had dropped off the counter clearly agitated. Calmly she picked up her obsidian glass and quietly left the store. 

Kitsune emerged into the dark streets, glass tucked under her arm. The streets were crowded for this time of night and every face she passed followed her as she went. 

Being both female and a fox anima meant she attracted more attention than she cared for. A group of wolf animus howled and whistles as she passed their corner making her bristle once more beneath her heavy black coat. She growled low as one of the wolves approached her. He stopped at her warning. Licking his lips he grinned and retreated back to his pack. 

The rest of her journey was similar to this encounter. Most animus and anima, however did not dare antagonize. 

Kitsune sprinted up the stairs to her apartment scaring the couple who lived next door. It was unfortunate that she had been born a fox. It made most small animus afraid of her and while her neighbors were kind, she knew they were mice and that because of this they would never know much of one another. 

Once inside her apartment, Kitsune set the glass upon her altar. Kneeling in front of it her sharp features reflected back at her dimly in the darkness of the glass. 

“Now,” she said softly, “it has taken me most of my humanity to find you. Show me what the darkness has in store.”
My piece for the daily post prompt.


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