Song of the Lost

“You fucking coward!” Her screams were full of heartbreak and loathing that cut him to the bone. “You knew! You knew she would die and you left her there!”

“I did know,” he began quietly, “but I did not leave her by choice.”

“Fuck you!”

Sebastian couldn’t be certain of what had hurt more, the slap across his face or the banshee scream that haunted him long after she left. No matter what he could possibly say, she would never know what happened in the maze.

“I’m sorry”

She would never know what truly happened to her sister.

“She will blame you.”

Sebastian never wanted to leave her behind, but her sister would never stop blaming him.

“She will call you a coward, but always remember this is my choice and mine alone. I will die in this place regardless. Even if we both made it out I will still always be here. I’m hurt and I’m dying. I won’t make it, but you will. Live on for me.”

She had died there in Sebastian’s arms repeatedly telling him how sorry she was. That moment was burned into his memory. His decision to keep his promise to her and leave her behind after she was gone, haunted him. He felt guilty every day even when she came to him to tell him not to. In the end it would always be viewed as cowardice.

My Dailypost one word prompt piece.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Lost

    1. That’s what I was trying to convey. Grief can do strange things to perception and in a case like this I felt like someone on the outside would be looking for someone to blame regardless of their innocence. I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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