The Perfect Storm


The sky was slowly turning gray as people arrived, sidling up to the bar preparing to order. So many familiar faces smiled at her and she wondered why no one else could sense it. An incredible crackling energy surging through the air around them, but then again she had been wrong about things like this before. Perhaps it wasn’t even there at all.

“So when does the party start?” someone asked.

“About five minutes.” She answered clearly distracted by what was happening outside.

“You okay, honey?”

“Don’t you feel that?”

“Feel what?”

“That energy. You’re telling me you can’t feel that?” She looked back to watch the guest shake their head looking concerned. She shrugged it off with a quick never mind and went back to work always keeping an eye on the sky.


The sky had turned dark gray as time went on, but leaving the sun glowing beneath the cloud bank. The light illuminated the hay field making it glow like a bright gilded mirror. Electricity began to crackle through the air condensing into an orb sunken into the clouds over the field.

The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end alerting her to the ominous energy. She looked out to the field eyes widening in fear as she took in the tiny sun-like orb. It wasn’t natural, nothing about this was right in any sense and she barely had time to shout run before the thick bolt of lightning struck the ground setting the dry hay field aflame.

She ran, like everyone else, trying to escape the fire as it hurtled forward. A wave of flame eating up everything in its path.


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