From the Desk of M.A.: Respect

I thought I would bring you guys a personal post today to break up some of the story and poetry overflow, and by overflow I mean the last 3 posts from between today and yesterday. That’s a lot from me. Come on…everyone knows that by now.

So I wanted to discuss yesterday with you guys because it was a pretty exciting day for me. My sister and I bought tickets several months ago for a music festival that is run by our local alternative music station. The festival itself is only about 3 years old now, but it’s been really exciting regardless because it’s the first alternative music festival I can think of (in my time at least aside from like warped tour) that we have had in the area. I digress. They typically have 9 performing artists so it’s an all day event which is awesome albeit I am very, very crispy. Before we ask: no I did not put sunscreen on before hand, yes I did once I got there and noticed I started to burn a tad, but I feel like there was no saving my skin from utter destruction yesterday.

The point of this was not to ramble on and on about my sunburn, though I am hurting pretty bad today, really I wanted to talk about the band I went to this festival to see: AWOLNATION.

So AWOLNATION was the headlining act for this years festival which is awesome because I have had several opportunities to see them while they were in town, but always had plans for the day of the concert. What sucks the most about that is my plans always fell through the day before the concert and left me no time to try to come up with a ticket. So being able to finally see them was just awesome to me, but it got a little better when they were coming through the entry line selling meet and greet wrist bands. I understand that happens all the time at concerts, trust me I’m aware. Why that was an important detail to note is that had I gotten in line any later and waited for the friend I was supposed to meet up with like I had originally planned I would have missed that opportunity.

Now, a little back story for you guys to understand why this meet and greet was such a big deal to me. So back in the days when I was on tumblr (hush I know, I know) there was a video that came out of nowhere that had the song “Sail” playing in the background of it and just like everyone else on that site I fell in love with that song. Not long after that they released a video for “Not Your Fault” which mind you was a lyric video and I was sold. I ended up getting my hands on the first album they released not long after that and I listened to that album until I was sure I was going to break either the CD player in my car or just totally wear out my iPod.

So okay that was a normal story I guess, but that was in maybe at the latest 2012 and I still to this day listen to that album. Their music has had such a special place in my life and memories. I remember listening to the deluxe edition of their album driving out to see my ex-boyfriend. I listened to it a lot when I was in the studio working on pieces for class (I totally forgot most of you have no idea that writing is actually my minor. My college degree is actually in Jewelry Design, hence the studio time.) as well as just having it on while I was writing or designing things. Really their music means a whole lot to me, so naturally I was excited and a little nervous to meet them and tell them just how much I appreciated their music.

And in normal M.A. fashion…I’m pretty sure I turned into a babbling idiot. When I get nervous I tend to not be sure what to say so I naturally defaulted to the one thing I know how to talk about: design. So I mean I did get a chance to compliment the singer’s ring, but didn’t really get a chance to tell them what I wanted to because I was nervous. Everyone gets a little nervous around the people they have respect for, my nervousness just made me feel like an idiot. REGARDLESS it was an amazing show. I love that feeling you get when you can feel the bass resonating in your throat and chest, but man this resonated through my entire body and it was honestly a weirdly awesome experience.

A word of advice too, because my phone battery had died right before the set I never got to take any photos or video from the show. I have never enjoyed myself at a show before so much. It’s odd because I’m a tad deflated that I didn’t take any photos yesterday, but I feel like I appreciated it so much more because I wasn’t watching through a camera. It gave me a chance to really dance around and enjoy the energy of a concert. It really was great.


Now for those of you who have stuck through this really random post about my awkwardness…bless you, you beautiful human beings. You are also rewarded with finding out what’s coming up next on the story front.

Currently I am working desperately on the final installments of For the Love of Gods so that should be coming up soon and then I have another series up my sleeve and in the works. This one is going to be a different style than the last ones.

What I mean is that the next set of stories to expect will fall under one title Clockwork and they will each post will be their own defined story as opposed to the chapter like installments that I have been working in up until this point. There was nothing wrong with the chapters, I just needed to work in a different format and to push my own boundaries. Try something new.

On top of continuing the bigger series, I will still be trying to keep up to date with the Dailypost one word prompts. I found them to be a really helpful tool in keeping myself writing consistently. I am toying with separating them into their own tab in the navigation on the blog homepage just to encompass the shorter stories and flash fiction, so if I do that tab will probably pop up in the next week or so. There is also the new tab of “Something A Little Different” as well where you can now find poetry or anything else that cannot be crammed into the story sections.

So to sum everything up: M.A. got to meet someone she respects and screwed up a chance to tell them that, For the Love of Gods should be coming to an end soon, Clockwork will be the next series of stories to keep an eye out for, there may be some new tabs being added and I’m really sorry about the influx of my bad poetry.

Thanks again and hope you have enjoyed what I have so far.

-M.A. Connell


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