From the Desk of M. A.: Story or Bust

As most of you know I have been trying my damnedest to finish For the Love of Gods. I will be busting my ass later to get the draft finished for the final bit of this story so we should expect that conclusion shortly. 

Next series is Clockwork as I mentioned previously. There will be a shorter turn over on that one as the first installment is almost done as is. 

Now I know there were a handful that were a bit confused with the last For the Love of Gods installment, I’m debating going into Nadia’s backstory as a one off story. Is this something you guys would like to see go up on the blog? I would like to gauge interest in that before I post it, plus I don’t know if anyone is as curious/attached to my characters as I am. If it gets received well I may do a backstory for Alex as well as Claudia too. 

But yes I just thought I would check in with an update for you all with plans and what to expect. 


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