“We need to feed.” Her voice was a withered husk of sound. Her breath rattled in her chest growing louder by the minute. They were fading and fast. If they didn’t feed they wouldn’t make it until morning.

“Come on Sasha you know we can’t.” He replied sounding worse than she did. Sasha looked him dead in the eyes hoping to figure out what his problem was.

“Jordan, you know if we don’t we-”

“Will die? Fine, I’ve looked forward to that day for a century now.”

“Don’t be such an asshole.”

“Too late.”

“I refuse to sit here and commit suicide because you’re too afraid to leave. If you want to sit here and waste away that’s fine, but I can’t stand this anymore. The hunger is making me crazy.”

Sasha stood up, swaying slightly in her depleted state. Carefully she walked away from the oldest friend she had known, turning her back on everything to sate the hunger that threatened her life. The smell of iron guided her toward the unsuspecting soul that would become her meal, seeing red as the need overtook her body.

via Daily Prompt: Sated


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