Daily Prompt: Panoply

Olivia drifted into her room in a bit of a daze. The days leading up to the ceremony had been packed full to the brim of preparation and stress. The lack of sleep was apparent on her face, eyes sunken and dark circles lining her lower lashes, features sagging as she drew nearer to her bed wishing to collapse on top of it. Her dreams of drifting off into dreamy sleep were crushed by the panoply laid out elegantly on the rough linen bed sheets.

She breathed a deep heavy sigh in an attempt to get her brain to catch up with the rest of her body. She was on autopilot as she picked up the extravagant silk ceremonial robes and replaced her simple muslin dress with the more elegant garb.

Olivia hated this ceremony. There seemed to be nothing about it that matched the elegance of the way she needed to be dressed. She traced her fingers over the brown constellations that covered the otherwise pristine white surface marking the ceremonies that had come before this. The small flecks marked the countless priestesses that had worn the garment before her and had been put under the stress that she had been through just recently. As she walked her fingers over each miniature galaxy that marked the memories of the past, Olivia wondered if they too had struggled with the weight and morality of what they were tasked to do.

She let these thoughts guide her and in an odd way they comforted her as she delicately retrieved the sacrificial knife from the bed the gilded hilt flashing brightly in the light and weighting heavily in her hands. The nausea that had settled in her stomach had solidified into an icy knot as she made her way up to the temple knowing that in moments a new red galaxy would emerge leaving her mark on the robes for the priestesses to come. A story of an uneasy girl asked to kill in the name of an angered God, who’s thirst for blood could not be saited.

via Daily Prompt: Panoply


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