Mid morning you make your way downstairs coffee in hand. A sense of urgency in your step as you rush to leave for the day. You glance back at the house one last time. 

Through the drawn curtains you see her in the kitchen. She’s by herself pouring a cup of coffee to go. She doesn’t smile, just goes about her routine, a candid glimpse of the person she truly is. The radiant woman that doesn’t have to pretend because there’s no one around to pretend for, a thought that should make you sad, but stirs a bittersweet happiness in you instead. 

She turns away from her coffee glancing out the window in your direction. You turn away hoping she hasn’t noticed you looking, but as you look away you catch a glimpse of her smile as she raises a hand to wave. 

You hope as you prepare yourself to leave that you haven’t startled her. Hoping she hasn’t found it strange that you happened to see her through the glass. All the while hoping that nothing has changed and wondering when you will see her smile at you once more. 


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