Happy Holidays from M. A. 

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Joyous Kwanzaa! And happy holidays to all!

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays whether it be with their families, friends or whoever makes your holidays wonderful. The holidays tend to turn me into a sentimental piece of work and I will be honest with you it makes me want to write and share that feeling with you all. I’ve spent the last two days with my family and they are just wonderful people. My sisters teamed up to get me such a thoughtful gift that I think is going to be used to start off the next year in the life of this blog. It’s this adorable notebook and a fountain pen.

As I’m sure you all remember the notebook I do most of my rough copies in is not only almost full but is starting to fall apart at the seams. This little beauty is just what I needed and I don’t even know if they knew that. 

But my intention was not to get all mushy on you about how grateful I am to have parents that spoil me and make me cry because they spoil me (happy tears), but rather to tell you how sometimes the little things can mean so much. I mean if you can’t get excited about or enjoy the little things in life, what can you enjoy? 

I also thought I would bring you some more serious updates as well. Recently The Penny Dreadful Project turned a year old, which baffles me. Honestly in its conception I didn’t think I was going to stick with it as tends to happen with my well intentioned plans. However here we are a year later and while the posts are inconsistent, I’m still writing for a small audience that I never even thought I would’ve had in the first place. I have also in this time been thinking of possibly changing the identity of the blog, but more or less because of the inconsistency of the posting, however that decision depends entirely on whether or not having days to breathe now will actually allow me to be more productive on this front. I’m hoping it will. On that note though I do have a little more time to focus on this once again and will be trying to update more often. Perhaps a winter story will appear shortly on the blog who knows!

Happy Holidays!

-M. A.  Connell


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