Romancing the City

There is something inherently romantic about a city in the winter. The streets in the night are silent, yet in a sense they are alive with sound. Eva walked along the streets, snow falling softly around her. the thick fluffy flakes sticking in her hair and eyelashes. Even in the soft winter silence, the snow packed down beneath her feet; careless whispers in the night.

Henry stepped out of his car letting out an audible groan. The work day had left him tired and sore. The first snow of the year had coated the driveway, the flat sparkling blanket marred only by the tracks of his car. He breathed in the crisp winter air expelling it in a cloud around him. He knew he should head inside where it was warm, but something halted him at his doorway as he fumbled for his key.

There on the sidewalk was Eva. She drifted whistfully through the snow heading for her door. The moonlight played across her face and glittered in the snow caught in her hair. It was a haunting beauty that he saw only on rare occasion, but never failed to leave him in awe. He stood admiring her, key poised at the lock, propping the storm door open with his elbow.

Eva searched blindly for her house key on the ring in her pocket, absentmindedly she ran her free hand through her damp hair. Out of habit, she glanced up the driveway feeling as though someone was there though she appeared to be completely alone. She pulled her key free of her pocket and headed up the walkway to the front door.

“Hey.” the simple greeting had her practically jumping out of her skin. She whipped her head toward the sound taking a minute for her eyes to pick out the figure at the side door.

“Jesus, Henry!” She  managed holding a hand to her chest. ” You scared the ever loving shit out of me!”

“I’m so sorry.” He replied trying to hide the laughter in his voice. “I thought you saw me.”

“You wouldn’t have scared me if I saw you.” She argued trying not knock the fright out of her voice. Looking down at her watch, her brow furrowed out of curiosity. “You’re home awfully late.”

“Yeah, work. Been trying to meet a deadline.” He had to stop himself from playfully calling her nosey, although he couldn’t anyway because he was curious about her late return also. “I could say the same for you though too.”

“My excuse is at least a little more fun. I had a party to attend.”

“On a Thursday night?” Henry asked a little baffled.

“Yes on a Thursday night. Is that alright with you dad.” The emphasis she left on the word made him blush as he realized he did sound like an overbearing parent.

“Sorry, it just seemed unusual.” His face was beet red as he turned away trying to hide it from her, though he knew it was too dark for her to see. “I should…uh…I should head in and get to bed. I get to do this all over again tomorrow.”

“Try not to work so hard.” Eva said before she could stop herself. “You’ll make yourself sick one of these days if you keep up like this.”

Idiot. Why the hell did you say that? She mentally chided herself unable to see Henry smiling to himself at the door.

“I’ll do my best.” The key turned in the lock and he pushed the door open. “Good night, Eva.”

“Good night, Henry.” Eva replied quietly heading for her own door.

As the two parted ways, both felt as if there was more that could be said. Somethings that should be said, but always so many things that neither one of them could bring themselves to say. Either way they headed to sleep thinking of what the next encounter may bring for them.


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