The Unseen

The library comes when no one is looking, because no one needs it when they are searching for it. It remains unseen in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to appear. The library is the beacon for lost souls. Those who have strayed so far from their path in life that they have lost sight of what matters most. It is an archive, if you will, of the path chosen and the paths that should have been taken. The curator, a mysterious man no one entering the library has ever seen, until the day the day Parker Caplan was blown through the doorway by an unexpected blizzard, but perhaps that story is best saved for another time.

Yes, yes, that is for another time. Until then, the thing you must know is the library is always waiting for the broken, the battered, the lost. Always searching for the people that will need it the most and for the day the world will no longer need it.

via Daily Prompt: Unseen


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