When she was a little girl she played pretend. She was the Princess in disguise, the damsel in distress, because that’s what she thought she should be. She always dreamed that one day she would marry the Prince.

As she got older, she realized there was no Prince to rescue her. How could there be so many Princes in the world that every little girl with a dream like hers would someday be a Princess. She realized she didn’t need to be rescued and that maybe this was not the dream she was meant to follow. That this was not who she was meant to be.

She grew up and became many things. A sister, a healer, a caregiver, empath, artist, musician, a lover, a friend, but no single title could define her. She was all of these things and more. People told her everyday, whether she believed it or not, that she was a kind and beatiful person. A kind soul in a tough, disbelieving skin that helped her to survive.

She did not realize that this was all part of her story. The roughest parts of her journey were just the start of her fairytale. Although there were no fairy god-mothers or royal parties, her life held just as much magic. And though it wasn’t exactly what the little girl had hoped for, she was still a princess in her own right and her Prince was out there somewhere still waiting for the day he would meet his Princess.

via Daily Prompt: Someday


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