The colossus stood over the gates of the city, brawn and mass lording over the people who dared to tread beneath his feet. He was a symbol of safety and justice keeping watch over his people with a shining brazen shield at his chest and Sword pointed to the sky.

Legends were told throughout history of how the colossus would come to life in order to protect his city. Though the story always changed there was one thing that always remained consistent. Those crushed beneath his stony feet were always those of great wickedness. Tryants, invaders, conquerers and on occasion, so the stories told, a God or two.

Travelers trembled at his feet in fear of being struck down for the wicked in their hearts as the legend foretold. Each breathed a sigh of relief as they passed beneath the enormous stoic statue to find that they were worthy of entry.

Tambre Estone, sitting alone on the back of a hay cart, shivered slightly in the cool sea air blowing up from below the cliffs. Glancing over his shoulder he could see the Colossus of legend standing prominently against the skyline. The green mass of the giants amazonite body stirred something in the pit of his stomach turning it into icy knots of unease. He wasn’t sure if it would matter, but this sea locked city was the only chance Tambre had at a normal life.

As the city drew closer, the unease grew inside Tambre leaving him sick. His bag was burried in the hay behind him hidden away from prying eyes. He knew that bag contained his sins, but even if he was able to take it back no one would have believed that they were not his burdens to carry. Still Tambre had faith that the colossus would know, that it would be able to see into his heart and spare him. He placed a hand on the hay pile praying that what lie there was not responsible for his untimely demise, but as he drew nearer the city the ground began to quake and a rumbling scrape of stone could be heard. As the scraping grew louder, Tambre closed his eyes coming to terms with the fate he had been dealt and the colossus’ wrath came down upon him.

Tremble –


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